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Tribal Art Africa, Oceania, Americas and Indonesia

 Find out below all Tribal Art participants to the fair, 2024 edition

  • Alain Dufour, is a galerist at Saint-Maur, and a member of Parcours des mondes since more than ten years.

    With his exhibition Yoruba he highlighted the arts of this population during the 2018 edition of the fair.

    Each year, he exhibits in Ramatuelle.

  • Arte y Ritual was born in Barcelona in 1985 and established in Madrid in 1994. Their owners, Ana and Antonio Casanovas have been promoting Primitive Art from Africa, America, Southeast Asia and the Pacific since the opening of their first gallery.

    They participated in the Parcours des Mondes for the first time in 2003 where they have organized through the years several thematic exhibitions such as Hommage, Nigeria - both of them as a tribute to Jacques Kerchache - Gems, Cup Sculptures and Adam, all of them accompanied by fine publications.

    Their role as professional advisers in the acquisition of the finest quality objects for private collectors, museums and foundations is internationally recognized.

    Their son Damian has recently become part of the team.

  • Based in Sydney since thirty years Chris Boylan is a well-know Oceanic Art dealer.

    His taste for travels and in situ data collect allow him to create a recognized expertise and collection about the Arts from Papua New-Guinea.

  • Located rue Mazarine in the center of Saint-Germain-des-Prés area, the Olivier Castellano gallery highlights Tribal Arts from Sub-Saharan Africa, South-East Asia, Nepal and Philippines.

  • Claes Gallery is specialized in Ancient African Arts.

    Since more than twenty years, Didier Claes showcases pieces of art within the biggest fairs worldwide.

  • Claes Modern and Contemporary is specialized in Contemporary Art from Africa.

    Since more than twenty years, Didier Claes showcases pieces of art within the biggest fairs worldwide.

  • Based in the historical center of Milan, Dalton Somaré gallery is a bridge between cultures with a special focus on African and Asian Arts.

    The gallery showcases artworks of great aesthetic.

  • Bernard de Grunne, well-known expert in the Tribal Art field, showcases artwoks with great aesthetic values, patinas of use and pedigrees.

    Bernard de Grunne was also an art advisor and scientific advisor for the genesis of many private and public collections.

  • In 2018, Marguerite de Sabran launched her own advisory structure, after 15 years at Sotheby’s - 11 of which as director of the Department of Arts of Africa and Oceania.

    She collaborates with French and international institutions, assists private collectors, and deals on their behalf with the purchase and sale of artworks.


    Located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, the epicentre of Non-Western art galleries, the office is a place of exchange between art historians, experts, merchants and collectors.


    In the meantime, Marguerite de Sabran is involved in research networks and undertakes many actions to develop knowledge about the classical arts of Africa: teaching in the higher education, interventions and specialized publications, academic and scientific collaborations.

  • Martin Doustar has been an art dealer and a collector for the past fifteen years. 


    From a Modern Art specialist he slowly shifted to Primitivism and its extent with the Classical Arts of Africa and the Pacific.


    In the last decade he produced several thematic exhibitions noted for the quality of the objects on display and for its publications.


    Martin Dousta participates in international art fairs such as Cologne Fine Art, BRAFA, FRIEZE MASTERS and TEFAF Maastricht.

  • Duende Art Projects’ ambition is to inspire people and enrich their lives by sharing a profound passion for the art of the African continent.

    Our purpose is to strengthen Africa’s visibility and significance within the global and diverse art world through a strong digital presence and curated exhibitions on unique locations. The inaugural exhibition “Threads” presented masterpieces by El Anatsui and Abdoulaye Konaté, together with a re-discovered 15th century Kongo trumpet, in a 14th century abandoned monastery in the historic city center of Antwerp. “Unsettled” presented a strong selection of classical Nigerian art, together with carefully selected works by 9 contemporary African artists.

  • Since more than 30 years, Bernard Dulon devotes himself to the Non-Western Cultures and Arts with a focus on South America and Pre-Hispanic Cultures and Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Based rue Jacques Callot, Bernard Dulon gallery is a member of international art fairs where he showcases artworks with great aesthetic values. He is also a curator and write various books on these Cultures..

  • Entwistle has been dealing in the arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas for over fifty years.

    Established by directors Lance Entwistle and Roberta Entwistle, the company has an unrivalled reputation in this field for quality and professionalism and has worked with private buyers and leading museums to build some of the world's most important tribal art collections.

  • David Utzon-Frank is a renowned art dealer and gallery owner from Copenhagen, Denmark.

    In 2002, he opened his first gallery, which focused on tribal art and Danish design.

    For the past two decades, David has been a valuable member of the specialist team at Bruun Rasmussen auctioneers, which is now part of the Bonhams Network.

    In May 2023, David is set to take his career to the next level with the opening of his own gallery space in the heart of Copenhagen. 

  • Yann Ferrandin is a member of the Parcours des mondes since nearly twenty years. He is also a member of well-known international art fairs such as BRAFA and TEFAF Maastricht.

    He lend artworks to prestigious public collections, like the Museum of quai Branly - Jacques Chirac or the MET Museum, during exhibitions.

  • Since thirty year, the Flak Gallery is a benchmark for the Non-Western Artworks in Paris. The gallery showcases several pieces of art from Oceania and Sub-Saharan African Art but also artworks from the American First Nations such as the Kachina, the Tinglit, the Haïda, the Eskimo or the Yupi’k.

  • Settled for 12 years in Annecy in Haute Savoie, the Bruce Floch Gallery specializes in the ancient arts from Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Bruce Floch is an expert member of the CNES.

  • Based in Zürich, Switzerland, the Frölich family is a well-known dealer and collector family. Attached to the aesthetic and forms of their objects, they also take care to showcase authentic artworks with great pedigree.

  • In 2001, Jean Christophe Argillet (CNE expert and SNA member) gave a new direction to the Galerie Furstenberg, opened in 1971 by his parents and specialized until then in prints and surrealism.

    In just a few years, it became a European reference, dedicated exclusively to the niche specialty of Pre-Columbian American art.

    Its vast space, just off the Place Furstenberg, enables it to permanently present some sixty works from all the cultures of central and southern America, before the Spanish conquest in the 15th century.

  • The Granier | Ancient Gallery specializes in beautiful ethnographic and ceremonial works from Africa and Oceania before 1930. Constantly on the lookout the young French gallery is committed to documenting and contextualizing the works presented in its exhibitions. and contextualize the works presented at its exhibitions.

  • The Grusenmeyer Gallery opened in Brussels in 1980 and is now run by the second generation of a family of antiques dealers, represented by Karim and Isabelle Grusenmeyer. Working in association with Damien Woliner since January 2016, the gallery focuses on quality and diversity. Specialising in sculpture, archaeology, and decorative arts from South-East Asia, China and India, the gallery prides itself on its eclectic mix of pieces that reflect diverse cultures. Particular attention is given to the background and aesthetic interest of each work. The gallery’s clients include museum curators, specialist collectors, professionals, interior designers and art lovers. 


    Karim Grusenmeyer and Damien Woliner are members of the ‘The Royal Chamber of Art Dealers' and the 'Belgian Chamber of Art Experts'.  

    Karim and Isabelle Grusenmeyer are founding members of « 5 Continents Editions » created in Milan in 2002 by Eric Ghysels.

  • Nicolas Rolland is co-founder of the H+R agency, an expert in ancient African and Oceanic art. For many years, he worked as a gallery dealer, before refocusing his activity on brokerage and consulting. He is also an independent researcher and curator, member of the Compagnie Nationale des Experts (CNE) and scientific advisor to the Musée Spiritain des Arts Africains (MUSAA).

    He has published several internationally acclaimed reference works: Afrique, à l'ombre des dieux. Collections africaines de la Congrégation du Saint-Esprit, Somogy, 2017 (Prix International du Livre d'Art Tribal 2017); Galerie Pigalle: Afrique, Océanie. 1930. Une exposition mythique, Somogy, 2018 (Prix International du Livre d'Art Tribal 2018, Prix du Festival International du Livre d'Art et du Film, 2018). He is a regular contributor to Tribal Art Magazine.

    Charles-Wesley Hourdé is co-founder of the H+R agency, a dealer and expert specializing in the ancient arts of Africa and Oceania, as well as a researcher and independent curator.

    A member of the Compagnie Nationale des Expert (CNE), he was formerly Director of the African and Oceanic Art Department at Christie's. As a dealer, he participates in international art fairs and regularly organizes catalogued exhibitions in his gallery.

  • Michael Hamson is passionate about Oceanic Art.

    He combined his taste for the field with academic research and degrees in at the University of Santa Barbara, California.

  • Collector and dealer specializing in primitive art since 1994, Olivier Larroque first worked in Paris before moving to Nîmes where he opened his gallery in 2004.

    Member of Parcours des Mondes since 2005, he also participates in the main international tribal art fairs: Bruneaf, Cultures or Civilizations in Brussels, Burgundy Tribal Show or Tribal Art Amsterdam. Since 2009 he has published more than fifteen thematic catalogs for these events, which can be consulted on this site.

    In 2010 he is the author of the book Vaca Bruto, du quotidien au sacré, taureaux d'Afrique Noire (Vaca Bruto, from the everyday to the sacred, bulls of Black Africa) of which he was curator of the eponymous exhibition at the Museum of Nîmes. He is a member of the Tribal Art Society and World Art


    In March 2024, Olivier Larroque and his eldest son Ferdinand opened the LARROQUE Père & Fils gallery at 19 rue Mazarine in Paris. Right in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, a cross-view of two generations of art dealers, in a place designed as a showcase to share with you the passion that drives us in our insatiable quest for aesthetic emotion.

  • Since more than twenty years, Alain and his wife Abla Lecomte are well-known in the field of the Non-Western artworks.

    Passionate about the collection and the transmission of their knowledge, they realized many works including brillant monographs about Bakongo and thematic exhibitions focused on the Teke fetishes

  • Joe Loux Gallery is specialized in artworks from South-East Asia, Oceania and North America. Joe Loux built his reputation as a gallerist by doing in-field collection and qualitative evaluation.

    He is also a member of ATADA and San Francisco Tribal Show.

  • Franck Marcelin is specialized in Oceanic and Eskimo Art. Franck Marcelin became galerist at the beginning of the 1980' after a job as a curator at the Musée National de la Marine at Trocadéro, Paris.

  • Ondine and Patrick Mestdagh have been living in the heart of the Sablon for over 25 years. With their shared love of quality design, they choose only objects they fall in love with. During their many travels, they discover a variety of non-European works, from Oceania to Africa, from Indonesia to North America. Exploring these different cultures, Ondine and Patrick like nothing better than to blend beauty and functionality.

    For this 23rd edition of Parcours des Mondes, Galerie Patrick et Ondine Mestdagh will be presenting 23 objects from 5 continents.

  • Since 1980, the Meyer Gallery showcases artworks from Oceanic Cultures.

    Created by Rita Alix Meyer, the gallery is now ran by Anthony Meyer, who opened a second department in the gallery dealing with the archaic art forms of the early Eskimo cultures.

  • For more than fifty years, Alain de Monbrison has been a key figure in the European arts market. Established on the Rue des Beaux-Arts since the early 1980s, the Galerie Monbrison has forged close ties between private collectors and public institutions.

  • Guilhem Montagut presents artworks from former public collections and private hands.

    He has an important place in the field of Sub-Saharan African Arts and pursues his close links with the major institutions of this field.

  • Pace African & Oceanic Art is a New York-based art gallery specializing in the sales of important antique, African art from central and west Africa, and Oceanic art from the islands of the Pacific.

  • The Lucas Ratton Gallery is settled in the area of Saint-Germain-des-prés.

    Born from a famous family of dealers, Lucas Ratton pursues a tradition of collection by carrying out exhibitions of high quality and great aesthetic values as well as scientific informations.

  • From a well-known family dealers, Philippe Ratton, pursues a work and a family tradition. He built strong relationships with many privates colletors and several public institutions such as the Museum of the quai Branly-Jacques Chirac or the Fondation Dapper.

    Moreover, Philippe Ratton is also an art advisor for the genesis of private collections.

  • Former astro-physician researcher, Frédéric Rond chose to settle as a specialized gallerist in Indian Art and Tribal Art from Himalaya after several trips in the Indian Area. Frédéric Rond focuses his exhibitions and acquisition on artworks from Himalaya.

  • Since 1995, the Rostoker Tribal Art Books Library is specialized in both modern and out-of-print books, as well as photographs and rare documents relating to Tribal art, voyages, and ethnography.

  • Settled in the Sablon area in Bruxelles, Serge Schoffel is an African, American and Oceanic artworks galerist with the mission to present objects in their diversity and mutliple interests. He ensures their aesthetic values and their historical quality.

  • Specialized in Sub-Saharan African Arts, the David Serra' Gallery, located in Barcelona, is a member of the Parcours des mondes since many years.

    The gallery showcases pieces of art of great aesthetic and historical values.

  • Founded in 2020 by Guy Kuypers, Spectandum represents the essence of the 16th-century Kunstkammer tradition, intertwining diverse passions and interests.

  • Specialized in Arts from the Populations of the North, Tischenko Gallery is located for over twenty years in Helsinki. For their first participation to the fair, the gallery will showcase artworks from Lapland, Alaska and Arctic Area.

  • Receiving by appointment in Paris, Pablo Touchaleaume has been striving for ten years to present a selection of ancient objects from the five continents, thus making an eclectic mix of objects selected for their plastic qualities and their antiquities.

  • Located since nearly forty years in the are of Saint-Germain-des-prés, the Galeries Vallois showcases new artistic scene from Africa especially from the Benin and West Africa.

  • Adrian Schlag opened the Tribal Art Classics Gallery in 1998 at Bruxelles.

    Since then, he uses his great experiece and knowledge, thanks to his cooperation with Himmelheber, and his aesthetic taste to showcases great piece of art, presented in some of the most important international art fairs.

    Since 2004 he is a member of Parcours des mondes.

  • Located since nearly forty years in the are of Saint-Germain-des-prés, the Galeries Vallois showcases new artistic scene from Africa especially from the Benin and West Africa.

  • Settled since more than twenty years in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, Jean-Edouard Carlier, Oceanic Art dealer, will show great artworks from Oceania for the 2023 Parcours des Mondes

  • After a decade of collecting traditional art from sub-Saharan Africa, artist Petr Zubek opened his gallery in Düsseldorf in March 2019.

    Combining his artistic expertise and education with guidance from seasoned colleagues and tribal art experts, he adeptly curates and presents carefully selected, high-quality artworks in his gallery.

    In the mid-1990s, as Petr Zubek completed his art studies in Düsseldorf and Cologne, his fascination with the traditional art and culture of Sub-Saharan Africa ignited. His journey into collecting began after his inaugural trip to Cameroon in 2009, and after a decade of passionate accumulation, he inaugurated his gallery in Düsseldorf in March 2019. Since 2022, Petr Zubek has been a regular participant in prestigious art fairs such as "Paris Tribal," "Civilisations" in Brussels, and "TAF Amsterdam." Alongside African art, his collection has expanded to encompass works from Southeast Asia and contemporary art as well..


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Le marché des arts d’Afrique se développ... see more Le marché des arts d’Afrique se développe auprès d’un petit nombre de clients chinois, attirés par ses formes épurées. Parmi eux, des artistes, des hommes d’affaires ou des intellectuels, dont quelques femmes. Ils plébiscitent les pièces aux formes épurées dont l’esthétique a un potentiel universel, boudant au contraire les objets magiques et rituels à la forte connotation spirituelle. Point commun de cette clientèle : elle est extrêmement discrète et ne lève guère le voile sur sa collection. Il est pourtant une figure emblématique de ces nouveaux collectionneurs : l’exubérant Leinuo Zhang, installé à Milan et à la tête de plusieurs sociétés dans le domaine de la mode, qui ne manque pas d’exhiber fièrement ses acquisitions sur les réseaux sociaux. Aujourd’hui, outre les ventes publiques, il se fournit à Saint-Germain-des- Prés, chez le Bruxellois Didier Claes ou chez le Milanais Dalton Somaré. see less

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Le plus grand salon international des arts... see more Le plus grand salon international des arts premiers, asiatiques et d'archéologie se tient à ciel ouvert à partir d'aujourd'hui dans le quartier des Beaux-Arts et de Saint-Germain-des-Prés, à Paris. Jusqu'au 15 septembre, 64 marchands internationaux sont réunis pour cette 18e édition, qui témoigne d'une place croissant accordée à l'archéologie, avec la présence de huit galeries dont Arteas Ltd (Londres), Cahn Contemporary (Bâle) et la Galerie Eberwien (Paris). La collectionneuse grecque Kyveli Alexiou est présidente d'honneur de cette édition. Parmi les exposants, on retrouve les galeries Bacquart (Paris), Joe Loux (San Francisco) et Martin Doustar (Bruxelles), Bernard Dulon (Paris) pour les arts premiers, Max Rutherston Ltd. (Londres) pour les arts asiatiques ou encore J. Bagot Arqueología S.L. (Barcelone) pour la section archéologie. see less

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Depuis dix-huit ans, grâce au Parcours de... see more Depuis dix-huit ans, grâce au Parcours des mondes, Saint-Germain-des-Prés devient, l’espace d’une semaine, le rendez-vous privilégié des amateurs et collectionneurs d’arts primitifs. Mais pas seulement, car depuis quatre ans, l’événement s’est ouvert à d’autres disciplines. En 2015, il accueillait les arts d’Asie ; cette année, c’est au tour de l’archéologie d’être intégrée, avec des œuvres grecques, romaines ou orientales. « L’adjonction de cette spécialité était une évidence, car c’est de cette époque que tout est parti », explique Pierre Moos, « Lorsqu’on s’appelle Parcours des mondes, on se doit de proposer un véritable tour du monde de l’art non pas en quatre-vingts jours mais en quatre-vingts minutes. D’autant que, contrairement à ce que l’on pense, le collectionneur n’est pas toujours monomaniaque et fait la traversée esthétique d’un continent à l’autre ou d’un pays à l’autre » Soixante-quatre exposants (dont une moitié venant de l’étranger) participent à cette 18e édition. Et parce que le Parcours des mondes rassemble la plus grande concentration au monde d’amateurs et de collectionneurs d’arts extra-européens, les exposants leur réservent leurs plus belles découvertes de l’année et rivalisent dans des expositions thématiques – une vingtaine – prévues parfois depuis plusieurs années. Parmi les expositions notables, on relève celle de Bernard Dulon (Paris) qui organise un face-à-face entre les œuvres du sculpteur belge Jan Calmeyn et les objets africains de sa collection, dont une figurine en zigzag Lega (Congo) et une statuette assise Dogon (Mali). Abla & Alain Lecomte (Paris) centrent leur présentation sur le thème du masque de l’Afrique de l’Ouest avec un étonnant masque cimier Ijebu, Yoruba. « Une vingtaine d’entre eux proviennent d’une collection privée encore jamais montrée », souligne Alain Lecomte (affichés entre 3 500 € et 35 000 €). Julien Flak (Paris) a réuni une vingtaine d’objets sous le titre explicite de « Poésie féroce, arts anciens de Nouvelle- Irlande », parmi lesquels un masque Malagan Matua ou Vanis (au-delà de 70 000 €). « Organiser une exposition consacrée aux arts anciens de cette île mystérieuse des mers du Sud est un rêve que je poursuis depuis plus de dix ans », souligne le marchand. see less

Marie Potard - Le Journal des Arts

Parcours des mondes in Paris - widely rega... see more Parcours des mondes in Paris - widely regarded as the world’s most important tribal art event – is good at looking to the past while engaging with the present. While most of the exhibitors at this annual international event staged in and around the galleries of Saint-Germain-des-Prés (11–16 September) focus on tribal art – the lion’s share from Africa – space is also found for contemporary expressions of traditional practice. This may be recent Aboriginal art or, as last year’s honorary president, Javier Peres, demonstrated in the loan exhibition he staged in the Espace Tribal, the work of artists from across the globe who reconnect to their cultural roots through the prism of modern and contemporary art. Both loan exhibition and honorary president this year connect the tribal with the contemporary. see less

Susan Moore - Apollo

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