Café Tribal
Espace Tribal _ 22 rue Visconti (from 10h to 11h)


Once again this year, the organizers of Parcours des Mondes will offer a pleasant wake-up call with Café Tribal, a series of three morning sessions running from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. featuring specialists, museum curators, and collectors in a roundtable discussion and debate on a variety of subjects. This year, Café Tribal discussions will focus on the 1930 exhibition at the Galerie du Théâtre Pigalle, to which the exhibition at Espace Tribal will also be devoted.


Tribune & Guests
Espace Tribal _ 22 rue Visconti


In the late afternoons, Tribal Art magazine will present further programming featuring special guests. The first of these events will be a conversation with contemporary art collector and consultant Adam Lindemann, who collects tribal art and is the honorary president of the 2018 Parcours des Mondes.

These events are still in preparation, and further details about them will be announced beginning in July on Tribal Art magazine’s social media pages.

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